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13/11/2015 Presse release


• A new visual identity, modern and convivial
• A new phase of development following a successful upgrading.
• A new dynamicfor the future, bringing new ambitions

Present in SIAM 2015, Cosumar consolidates its position as a strategic agro-industrial actor,modernize its visual identity and presents its new logo: the emblematic colors of the company are clearly maintainedbut softened by a luminous halo; the fonts, Arabic and Latin, are modernized and refined in the round; all the same with the cartridge in which the emblem of COSUMAR has always been inscribed and which base is now curved, evokes a smile, symbol of mutual confident relationship with its clients and partners.

More modern and dynamic, with the image of a company in evolution, on an impetus of modernity, this logo celebrates in a subtle way the values of pleasure, of conviviality, but also of energy and naturality of sugar, the vital product anchored in Moroccan culture and tradition.

By presenting its new logo, COSUMAR a new stage that follows an important phase of evolution. After a profound and successful restructuring and modernization of sugar chain, agriculture and industrial tools, the Group has entered a new stage of development supported by the confidence of its shareholders, its partners and its human capital.

Cosumar, by relying on its shareholders' expertise, WILMAR, the world's leading in the agri-foodstuffs industry and all Moroccan institutional investors, reveals the ambition to become a regional agro-industrial actor,creator of values for all the concerned parties. This vision confirmsthe national roots of the groupand its willingness to expand internationally.

Cosumar's new visual identity reflectsan institutional position reaffirmed with more than 85 years of serving the Moroccan sugar chain besides the strong attachment to its upstream agriculture and itsconstant responsible engagement. Moreover,the group is intended to become the expression of a strong commercial brand, oriented more than ever towards market and clients, addressing the general publicand confirming its quality and innovation commitments.

Cosumar will continue in the coming months to implement its marketing and communication strategy.

In addition, cosumar enters a new strategic step in its evolution that brings added values to all thestakeholders.

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