The Cosumar Group is committed and takes responsibility with all the partners in its ecosystem to reconcile the interests of each of them and create shared value.

As a major Moroccan Company, the COSUMAR Group has several accountabilities. It is the foundation of our position as a corporate citizen aware of the importance of a sincere and transparent cooperation with the stakeholders in its ecosystem and in the Moroccan Society in general.

It covers :

  • Our business lines:
    We are producers and marketers of a staple food product that is essential for body development. We carry out our business, for all our activities, in a safety and food security requirement while favouring general interest: environmental compliance, natural resources preservation in a permanent dialogue with all stakeholders.
  • The socio-economic development of sugar regions:
    The COSUMAR Group’s presence in the 5 agricultural regions of Doukkala, Gharb, Loukkos, Tadla and Moulouya has contributed to the emergence of economic poles that attract investment, promote job creation, new businesses and social support for farm families. It is our role as a creator of shared values ​​which we play with our partners on a daily basis.
  • The performance and wellbeing of our employees:
    Our human capital is central to the success of the strategy and achievement of our objectives. As a responsible employer, The Cosumar Group makes every effort to ensure a serene and safe working environment. All employees receive a training plan to maintain team performance and achieve professional excellence.
  • Transparency and ethics:
    The development of a code of ethics and business conduct has been decided to comply with ISO 26000 international standard. The goal is to reduce all behavioural uncertainties, but also to give all those work with the COSUMAR Group an understanding of our core values.


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