Logo cusumar

Creation of COSUMAR by Saint Louis de Marseille. At this time, the refinery of Casablanca produced 100 tons of sugar loaves per day.

Moroccan State acquired a 50% in COSUMAR who was renamed COSUMAR.

ONA Group became the majority shareholder of the Company. Listing of Cosumar on the Casablanca stock exchange.

Merger of Cosumar with Zemammra and Sidi Bennour sugar mills.

Sidi Bennour factory switched his process to production of white sugar for direct consumption.

Certification ISO 9001 v 2000 of Doukkala Factories.

Birth of Cosumar Group

Acquisition of national sugar factories: SUTA, SURAC, SUNABEL, SUCRAFOR. Beginning of INDIMAGE Project: industrial and agricultural investments.

Extension of Sidi Bennour factory processing capacity.

Cosumar celebrates his 80th birthday.